Windshield Replacement in Phoenix Arizona

{“@context”:”http:\/\/”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Windshield Replacement in Phoenix Arizona”,”description”:”When caring for your auto glass in Phoenix, Arizona, you have two major concerns: dirt and sun exposure. Using tips from the local experts found at https:\/\/\/local\/az\/phoenix , this video helps you properly care and maintain your auto glass. Because of the dry, hot climate, your vehicle’s glass is at a bigger risk for drying out your windshield wipers, as well as causing your glass to seemingly “spontaneously” crack because of the temperature differential between the inside and outside of your vehicle. Learn why your glass is prone to crack when it’s been in the sun for too long, the cause of many scratches that occur to windshields in the desert, and more. \n

Of course, if your glass is already damaged you don’t want to put off getting it repaired or replaced. For scratches, cracks, pits, or dings that are large or growing, your best bet is to get it replaced. Use the price comparison tool on – the only place where shops fight for your business! Even if you don’t have insurance, getting your windshield replaced in Phoenix, Arizona, can still be affordable. is the only place online where you can get exclusive auto glass discounts, consumer reviews, and top quality glass installation from certified technicians at a variety of local shops. Check https:\/\/\/local\/az\/phoenix out today! \n

The Valley of the Sun, Arizona’s Urban Heart, original heat island. The land of lizards, year round golf, and record-breaking summer temperatures- if you’re a native, you know that Phoenix is a city built for those in love with dry mountains that shimmer and bake in the golden sun.\n

You also know that having a car is almost a requirement to live here!\n

It’s more important than ever that your vehicle is in great shape. Travelling in the heat can’t be avoided, but it can be relatively pleasant if you maintain your vehicle.\n

The dust and heat can actually wear your auto glass down if you aren’t careful!\n

Your auto glass is what keeps your car cool, prevents your car from becoming a dust bowl during a storm or haboob, and it keeps you safe from anything that might fly at your windshield when you’re traveling the I-10 or one of the loops.\n

With the intense heat of Phoenix, it’s especially important that you pay attention to the care of your windshield and auto glass. \n

You see, your windshield and auto glass is comprised of thousands of molecular bonds. \n

When there is a change in temperature, the bonds expand and then contract. If there is a large difference on one side of the glass–say you have your air conditioning on–and the other side of the glass–like the hot mid-summer Phoenix sun… It can cause the bonds to weaken.\n

When you have an existing scratch or crack (probably from dirt getting under your windshield wipers, or just from hitting your passenger windows during a dust storm), \n

and you then expose your auto glass to varying temperatures on each side of the glass… Those bonds further weaken, and can eventually crack and grow in size. \n

Sometimes it might simply fade your window tint in a noticeable way. Other times it can cause your windshield to bubble, or even shatter! \n

That’s why there are 2 very important factors when caring for your vehicle in the hot sun. \n

Always make sure your auto glass isn’t overexposed to the heat, and try to gradually cool your car from the inside. \n

The shock from you blasting your AC, while the outside of the vehicle is boiling hot could lead to some dangerous and expensive damage!\n

Keep your windshield wipers in tip-top shape. When you live in a dusty state like Arizona, you want to make sure that your wipers make full contact with your auto glass. \n

Otherwise, dirt, rocks, and other debris can become trapped beneath the wipers and cause unsightly scratches. Eventually, those scratches can turn into cracks–and cracks in your auto glass is never good news! \n

Phoenicians, never fear! offers several free go-to resources on how to care for and maintain your important auto glass!\n

And if you have a major scratch, large and growing crack, or any other sort of alarming damage to your auto glass (such as spidering of your glass) that means you may need a replacement, we’ve got you covered for that too! \n provides you with up to 3 instant auto glass replacement quotes, in as little as 30 seconds! \n

Use our quotes to select the installation shop that is most convenient, affordable, and trustworthy.\n

Also, most shops accept your auto insurance as payment–meaning less money out of your pocket. And even if you don’t have insurance, gives you a variety of choices to give you the best possible deal, without sacrificing quality or safety! \n

Our quotes include the best discounted prices exclusive to customers, mobile replacement service, and so much more. \n

You can make the best decision for you-because with you ALWAYS have a choice.”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https:\/\/\/vi\/YfFBC4AEl7I\/sddefault.jpg”,”uploadDate”:”2015-04-06T22:54:08.000Z”,”duration”:”PT4M20S”,”embedUrl”:”https:\/\/\/v\/YfFBC4AEl7I”}

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